Park Anaga – A Trail through the Northern Part of Tenerife.

I'll tell you about an unusual route through the north of Tenerife Island. Pick a day with good weather, as it rains very often in the Anaga park. We'll check out a few viewpoints and head out on a short hike for a few hours, then have lunch at a French village restaurant.

To make it easier to get oriented, let’s start the route from La Laguna. You’ll get here in about 50 minutes from the south of the island. The entire route and both sides from the south of the island will be 190km. The walking part is 4km.

Viewpoints in Anaga Park

If you want to drive through the entire park in 1 day, then follow my route. Just stop at the viewpoints, take short walks around, and move on.

Mirador de Jardina

Mirador de Jardina
Mirador de Jardina

The first viewpoint you definitely won’t miss is Mirador de Jardina. A beautiful view of La Laguna. Parking is available along the road.

Cruz del Carmen

A more modest viewpoint, but more interesting. Here you can have a snack in a cafe or restaurant, get maps at the info center, and use the restroom. There are a lot of tourists at the viewpoint. Beware of pickpockets.

Park your car and go for a short 30-40 minute walk. From the parking lot, follow the wooden path according to the signs. The route diagram on the info stand is confusing. Don’t worry about it, just walk around.

At the end, you’ll reach a viewpoint. From here, you can see Santa Cruz and the beginning of Terresitas beach. Done walking? Let’s move on.

Pico del Ingles

Pico del Ingles
Pico del Ingles

Mirador Risco Amogoje and León de Taganana

As you approach the viewpoint, notice the rock in the shape of a lion’s head. The viewpoint is located by the road. From here, you can see the northern coast of Anaga. Coordinates.

Playa del Roque de las Bodegas

A decent wild beach with pebbles and black sand. Coordinates. You can swim only in calm weather, otherwise, you might get swept away by the ocean or hit by a wave. Walk along the path near the Roque de las Bodegas rock. Time for lunch. I recommend these restaurants nearby:

Playa de Almáciga

Almáciga Beach is my favorite in Anaga Park. It’s a beach with character and a distinctive wild nature. Be very careful with it. It will welcome you with relaxed and peaceful hippies in minivans, running surfers, and sunbathing Canarian youth. The beach has pleasant warm black sand. But I wouldn’t recommend swimming deeper than waist-high, especially if there are waves, as there can be rip currents. After sunbathing, let’s go catch the sunset at the next beach.

Playa de Benijo

The sexiest beach on the island is Benijo Beach. Time your visit during low tide, otherwise, you won’t see the beach. This is a beach for nudists and people with liberal attitudes. Feel at one with nature. Make sure to visit the beach a few hours before sunset, as the sun hides behind the mountains earlier. The photos will be amazing!

Taborno Village

We’ll spend the second part of the day actively – going on a mini-hike to Roque de Taborno peak. The trail is not too difficult, but wear good shoes as we’ll walk on rocks. But before that, let’s have lunch at an excellent restaurant!

In the village, there’s only a bar and a restaurant. We’ll stop to eat at the restaurant Historias Para No Dormir, where the French chef cooks brilliantly! The daily menu is €16.80. Everything is delicious, check out the photos above.

Смотровая в деревне Taborno
Viewpoint in Taborno Village

Alright, now let’s head to the trail. The round-trip distance is about 4km. The path to Roque de Taborno mountain.

Roque de TabornoRoque de Taborno
Roque de Taborno

Here’s the mountain itself – the symbol of Anaga Park. At the very end, there’s an amazing Era de los Cardos viewpoint.

Вдалеке пляж Бенихо
Benijo Beach in the distance

From here, you can see a large part of the northern coast and even Benijo Beach. We’ve accomplished all our goals for the day, so we can head back home and to the beach.

How to get to Anaga Park by bus

Автобус 946 из Санта-Крус в Анагу
Bus 946 from Santa Cruz to Anaga
Direct buses run to Anaga Park from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Intercambiador Sta.Cruz) and La Laguna (Intercambiador Laguna) bus stations. I recommend planning your route using Google Maps. I suggest starting from the Intercambiador Sta.Cruz station on bus 946, and getting off at the final stop of Playa de Almáciga. This is the best beach in Anaga. You can also easily walk from here to Benijo beach or start a hike in the mountains.

Схема автобусных маршрутов в Анаге
Map of bus routes in Anaga
Расписание автобусов в Анагу
Bus schedules to Anaga

The infographic shows 2 bus routes to Anaga. On bus 946 (schedule), you’ll reach Almaciga beach and the village of Taganana with restaurants. Bus 947 (schedule) will take you to the mountain village of Chamorga. From there, great routes lead to the coast:

  • Маршрут по северу Тенерифе. Парк Анага
  • Taborno
  • GPS: 28,557275 -16,264411
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