Beautiful trail to the lighthouse along Anaga

We were sitting and thinking about which route to take through Anaga Park this time. There are dozens of them there. We decided to drive to the most romantic Benijo beach and walk along 2 routes and also explore some unofficial trails.

We left the car near Playa de Almaciga beach. If you arrive in the morning, it’s no problem to leave the car further away, beyond the restaurants across from Benijo beach and further along the dirt road.

We head up Route PR TF 6.3 Benijo – Cruz de Draguillo towards the village of Chamorga. The starting point is here. At first, the road leads uphill, but the climb is not too difficult, and the views of Benijo beach, the towns of Almáciga and Taganana are simply breathtaking. You can see the entire northern coast all the way to the Faro Punta del Hidalgo lighthouse.

At the first fork, you need to make a decision whether to descend back to Benijo beach or continue towards Chamorga.

A steep serpentine path leads uphill through centuries-old shrubs. Sometimes clouds roll in, and you find yourself in the fog. At such moments, it becomes quite cool, and the windbreaker that has been weighing down your backpack becomes quite useful.

We arrived at a four-way intersection. One of the roads leads to the village of Chamorga, which we don’t need. We choose the direction towards Tafada.

We pass through the best viewpoint on the entire stretch. The entire coastline is visible.

From there, I recommend continuing to the Faro de Anaga lighthouse and passing through a cheerful lone palm tree. However, we turned onto the trail towards the village of Las Palmas. The road is very wild and sometimes steep. We descended for more than an hour.

On the way back to Benijo beach, we walked along the coast. The road is simple at first, then it becomes wider.

Three route options

Схема маршрутов 1,2 и 3
Route map 1, 2, and 3

If you decide to repeat our route, I suggest 3 options in order of increasing difficulty from 8 km to 20 km.

  1. Suitable for everyone – simply walk along the coast from Benijo beach to Las Palmas. The round trip is about 8 km.
  2. More interesting, but with an uphill climb. From Benijo, you ascend Route 6.3, descend to El Draguillo, and return along the coast to Benijo – also about 8 km.
  3. The most challenging, a full-day hike. From Benijo beach, head up towards Chamorga, but before reaching it, turn towards Roque Icoso peak. Then continue to the Faro de Anaga lighthouse and back along the coast through Las Palmas and El Draguillo to Benijo beach.
  • Красивый маршрут до маяка по Анаге
  • Адрес: Playa de Benijo, Parque Rural de Anaga, Тенерифе
  • GPS: 28,574201 -16,187461
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