Public Transportation in Tenerife: Complete Guide to Buses and Trams

Discover the best ways to get around Tenerife by public transport. This comprehensive guide covers bus and tram networks, routes, fares, transit passes, and tips for a hassle-free experience on the island's extensive transportation system.
Bus on Tenerife
Bus on Tenerife

Tenerife is a hot tourist spot with an awesome public transportation network. Buses and trams make it a breeze to get around the entire island. In this article, I’ll give you the full lowdown on using public transport in Tenerife.

Buses on Tenerife

The island’s bus network is super extensive. The green buses, which locals call “guaguas,” run practically everywhere on Tenerife. The route network covers popular resort areas as well as many of the island’s top attractions, including the famous Mount Teide volcano.

The buses are comfortable, with AC, cushy seats, and USB ports for charging your devices. The schedules are on point. You can always check the updated timetables and routes on the official website of the transit company TITSA or just on Google Maps.

You can pay the driver cash, use a bank card, or use the Ten+ transit card. The latter lets you save big time. There are also unlimited 1-day and 7-day passes for tourists.

You need to enter the bus through the front door only.

They don’t announce stops, so you gotta keep an eye on the monitor. As soon as you see Next Stop (Próxima parada) with the name you want, hit the red STOP button on the handrail.

Trams on Tenerife

Two modern tram lines connect the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the city of La Laguna. It’s a fast and comfy way to travel between these two major towns.

Trams run every 15 minutes. You can always check the schedule, real-time info, and routes on the Titsa company website.

Payment works the same as on buses – cash, card, or Ten+ card. Just tap your card when boarding the tram.

For planning, use Google Maps. It knows the schedules for all the buses and trams on the island.

To pay for your ride, the reloadable Ten+ card is the way to go. You can buy and top it up at Titsa kiosks and machines. Using the Ten+ card gets you a sweet discount of up to 40% on transfers. The card also lets you pay for multiple passengers at once.

Tenerife Bus Route Map

Tenerife bus route map
Tenerife bus route map

Bus routes crisscross the entire island, connecting resort hubs with cool tourist spots.
You can download transport route maps here.
Check bus schedules and fares at

Where to Buy Tickets and Ten+ Cards on Tenerife:

  • At Titsa kiosks and machines at bus terminals and stops
  • At ticket machines on tram platforms
  • At Tenerife South Airport
  • At some tobacco kiosks

How to Plan Your Route

You can plan your route on the official TITSA website. Just enter your start and end points. But it’s better to do it on Google Maps, which knows all the routes on the island.

How to Pay on the Bus

You can pay the bus driver cash, but it’s cheaper to get a Ten+ card at Titsa kiosks or machines.


Enter through the front door and tell the driver your stop (better to write it down if you don’t speak Spanish), and how many people. Pay for your ride and take a seat. Note that drivers only accept bills up to €20!

If you buy a round-trip ticket, you’ll get a nice discount. In Spanish, a “round-trip ticket” is called billete ida y vuelta.

Ten+ Card

To pay with the Ten+ card, you also enter through the front door, then tap your card on the validator next to the driver. When you exit, tap your reloadable Ten+ card again on the validator to mark the end of your ride. The screen will show the fare and your remaining balance. If you don’t tap out, the full fare to the final stop will be deducted.

How to Calculate Fares

The fare depends on whether you pay cash or use a card, and the distance. You can calculate it on the TITSA website by going to the YOUR BUSES → Current fares menu. Enter your bus line in the Select one bus field and choose your start and end stops. It will show the regular ticket price and the Tenmas card price.

On average, rides within the same town cost around €1.45, while fares between towns can range from €2 to €10.

Types of Transit Cards

Tenerife transit passes
Tenerife transit passes

The Tenmas transit cards are an excellent option if you plan to use public transport frequently. They’re accepted on all buses, except for routes going to Mount Teide and Cabo Teno. With the card, you can get discounts of up to 40%.

3 Ten+ Card Options for Tourists

Unlimited 1-Day Pass (tarjeta turística 1 día)
  • Price: €2 for the card + load €10;
  • Valid for 24 hours from first use;
  • Unlimited rides on buses and trams across the island;
  • For 1 passenger only;
  • Available at ticket machines in airports, sales points at bus stations, Titsa kiosks, and tram ticket machines. Find sales points here.

There’s a mobile version of the 1-day Ten+ card. Activate it through the Ten+móvil app. You’ll save €2. In the “Titulos” (tickets) tab, select your purchased ticket and register your ride. Then tap “Viajar” (travel) and point your camera at the QR code inside the bus. The camera will read the code and register your trip.

Unlimited 7-Day Pass (tarjeta turística 7 días)
  • Price: €2 for the card + load €50;
  • Valid for 7 days from first use;
  • Unlimited rides on buses and trams across the island;
  • For 1 passenger only;
  • Available at ticket machines in airports, sales points at bus stations, Titsa kiosks, and tram ticket machines. Find sales points here.

The unlimited 7-day pass also has a mobile version. Download the Ten+móvil app.

Reloadable Ten+ Card
  • €2 for the card + reload from €2 to €100;
  • Unlimited rides on buses and trams across the island;
  • You can pay for multiple passengers with one card;
  • Buy and reload at bus stations or any Titsa sales point. Find locations here;
  • Balance expires 1 year after last reload;
  • If your balance is lower than the fare, you can pay the difference in cash at the discounted rate.

There’s no mobile version for the reloadable Ten+ card.

How to Bring a Stroller or Bike

You can stow a suitcase, stroller, or bike in the luggage compartment for free. The driver will open it for you on request. Or you can load your stuff yourself.

What Age Rides for Free

Kids up to and including 4 years old ride for free.

Trams on Tenerife

Tram operations are managed by the Metropolitano de Tenerife (MTSA) company.

Tram Lines

Line 1.

Connects the island capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife with San Cristóbal de La Laguna. The route takes around 40 minutes (21 stops).

Line 2.

Connects La Cuesta and Tíncer. It’s 3.6 km long with 6 stops.

Trams run daily from 6:00 am to midnight every 15 minutes.  Check the schedule on the official Metrotenerife website. The trams stop at all stations, but you need to press the button on the doors to open them.

Paying Your Fare

You can pay with a ticket, Ten+ card, or app. When boarding the tram, validate your ticket. If using a Ten+ card, just tap it on the validator when entering. To validate a digital ticket, use the mobile app to scan the QR code inside the tram.

Kids under 5 ride trams for free.

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