Airport Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport / station Lisbon Airport

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS: 38.7755936 -9.1353667



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Аbout Airport Lisbon Airport.


Оценка: 2

Terminal 2 really bad. If your flight says to arrive 2 hours early, don't! You can safely arrive 1hr early as the gates are right after security. Unless you are new or uncomfortable navigating airport, do not arrive 2 hours early. Only plus is easy to get to via metro and free shuttle bus.

Alexandre EANG

Оценка: 3

Terminal 2 is almost okay. It easily gets too crowded because the gates are 2 feet apart from each other. Really didn't work for me, 2 stars on the airport. However, the airport is well located, easy access by metro, bus and taxi ; +1 star.

Rod Cabral

Оценка: 4

I like this airport. It's easy and makes sense. The only downside is that you literally walk through shops to get around so it's easy to get sidetracked and end up spending too much time shopping. And that can hurt you a bit because after the stores and food courts there's a customs checkpoint and there's always a line. So even though you thought you had plenty of time you may end up running in the end!

Veerabadrappa K

Оценка: 5

This airport is cute and small, but filled with great stuff. Chairs in many points of this airport as well as changing stations. Many different stores and food places for their guests. Great customer service. I really liked the service in here. The restrooms were nice and colorful. Friendly staff.

Marcus Veloso

Оценка: 4

International airport. Nice cafes but some confusing directions. Had to take the bus once to the plane. A nice note is that I did see the local soccer team passing by.

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