Station Lisboa

Estação do Oriente / station Lisboa

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Av. Dom João II, 1900-233 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS: 38.7678423 -9.0993449



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Аbout Station Lisboa.

Morgan Ewen

Оценка: 2

We arrived from the airport as a group of six including two small children with a full load of luggage. We had great difficulty determining which train we needed to get on and where we had to be to catch our train. We were lucky to have assistance from strangers. Signage and universal language on it was minimal and confusing on the levels below where we caught the train. It was a very stressful experience as we did not want to end up on the wrong train. I would recommend that you research ahead of time very thoroughly and not leave it until you arrive like we did. I was also not prepared for the difficulty in moving luggage to the train. Do not expect it to be as easy as the airport, it's about 100 times more difficult. 2 stars for the cafe being nice. The train ride was great too. This rating does not reflect on the train itself.

Manas Krishnan

Оценка: 4

The architecture is very impressive. . There was not sign boards to guide us to the trains,which usually leave from the top floor... The info board was also nowhere at the entrance, it's only at the top floor. We had to walk around before we figured out where to go...

Joao Antunes

Оценка: 4

Multi transport hub. With a mall nearby, useful for those last minute needs before a trip. Great architecture but the maintenance of it could be better

Roman Ahmmed

Оценка: 3

This is one of the busiest train station in Lisbon. People come here from Europe, America, Asian. But very poor management systems! Let’s talk about Toilet, very dirty. I believe that management should be taken care about it.

Dmitry Firsov

Оценка: 5

The Fantastic architecture by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava

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