Train Station Lisboa Santa Apolonia

Lisboa Santa Apolónia / station Lisboa Santa Apolonia

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Av. Infante Dom Henrique 1, 1100-105 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS: 38.7141366 -9.1225711



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Аbout Train Station Lisboa Santa Apolonia.

Emmanuel Houston Kwashie

Оценка: 5

A very cozy environment with perfect weather; combined with antique buildings overlooking the ocean. I really and truly enjoyed my stay here in Santa Apolònia. Great experience!

Nuno Sousa

Оценка: 5

Sunny and bright right by the river. Perfect Christmas Day morning.

Wilson Varghese

Оценка: 4

Clean station. I wish they had an information counter to offer guidance to travellers seeking information

Ann Zed

Оценка: 4

Easy to navigate, has paid lockers for luggage, couple shots and food places

Helio Ciffoni

Оценка: 4

Nice old station building. A lot of space for waiting to the train. Waiting room, free wi-fi, clean paid restrooms. Small cafeteria, vending machines with snacks and drinks. Information desk not so helpful mainly because the expectations are higher than what we get. Good access by subway or buses. Taxi can drop you at the door, don’t need to struggle with your luggage.

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