Station Faro

Faro Train Station / station Faro

Rating: 3.7
Аddress: Largo da Estação, 8000-133 Faro, Portugal
GPS: 37.0185499 -7.9397524



Station  Faro Station  Faro Station  Faro Station  Faro


Аbout Station Faro.

Daniel McGwinn

Оценка: 3

Clean and tidy station. Staff helpful. Short walk to marina and town centre. There is no way of telling which platform your train is arriving on which means you have to ask for help from staff.

Yihui Chang

Оценка: 4

Good. 20190716.

Jonne Kingma

Оценка: 4

It's not a station with a "wow" factor at all. But you can catch trains here, better than taking plains though. When you're heading to Sevilla the bus is a faster option but a nice and fun way to travel to Spain is to take the local train to Vila Real de Santa Antonio and from there the ferry to Ayamonte. And otherwise, the train to Lisboa from where you have sleeper trains to Hendaye in France and Madrid in Spain.

Biker Da

Оценка: 4

Cool bar here to drink beer until the train arrives 🍻

Anton Langston

Оценка: 5

Friendly and very helpful staff. My Portuguese is almost none existent, and they were very understanding and helpful as I made a bad job of trying to request a train ticket (as well ad train times, platform numbers and such). The station did get very busy just before the train arrived, so I would recommend purchasing your ticket either a little earlier than your train, or the day before. Just to save you a little time queuing and then rushing to the train.

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