Airport Av. De Berlim Aeroporto

Berlin-Tegel Airport / station Av. De Berlim Aeroporto

Rating: 2.5
Аddress: Saatwinkler Damm, 13405 Berlin, Germany
GPS: 52.5588327 13.2884374



Airport  Av. De Berlim   Aeroporto Airport  Av. De Berlim   Aeroporto Airport  Av. De Berlim   Aeroporto


Аbout Airport Av. De Berlim Aeroporto.

Dean Masila

Оценка: 3

The airport is not one would expect as German infrastructure. It's old and cramped up. Limited shopping facilities and the eateries are congested and limited to fast food restaurants of international franchise with meals that are very expensive. Would have loved to see more German eating points and cuisines. Thumbs up to the customs staff in getting passengers through with no hustle.

Infinity 25

Оценка: 3

Very easily accessible, less time wasted to board the flight as it was small but it is still quite good. Really like the shape of the airport building that is hexagon. Good access to transportation to go to city of Berlin.

gimlet rose

Оценка: 4

Plenty of seats, plenty of chargers, I am happy. Yes, security line was long but not worse than any other airport IMHO. Sure, there are not a lot of restaurants or bars, but I find it peculiar that so many people complain about it... I was at terminal A and there were plenty enough (for me) to choose from, and price was... well, airport price. Super easy to get to/from city center... Overall I do not understand the low reviews; I liked it.

Lauri Elias

Оценка: 4

It's pretty basic, sure, and beer in the security area kiosk costs 4.25 : ( I liked that it's so small you'd have to be retarded to have trouble switching terminals and the staff really gave their all to work through the queues faster. I haven't seen such quick checks anywhere else, even if it is only because the queues are so long in the first place.


Оценка: 1

Just beyond awful. It's like anything but an international airport. It's more like a bus terminal. The staff couldn't care less for customers and all tried not to speak English. I understand they are proud of their language, however they must understand this is an international airport and I'm sorry to say but German doesn't count in this case. Some basic English will make a huge difference, but for now everyone should avoid this airport if they can.