Train Station Lisbon Sete Rios Station

Sete Rios / bus station Lisbon Sete Rios Station

Rating: 3.9
Аddress: 1500-561 Lisbon, Portugal
GPS: 38.7402436 -9.1666527



Train Station   Lisbon Sete Rios Station Train Station   Lisbon Sete Rios Station Train Station   Lisbon Sete Rios Station


Аbout Train Station Lisbon Sete Rios Station.

europpian NRI GROUP

Оценка: 5

best service best price

Luke Vincent

Оценка: 5

Good place to take the train and to ride the metro.

Peter Mulenge

Оценка: 5

How it feels to walk in a glassy clean Railway Station before boarding a classy train! Fast and an all class station.

Tiago Lopes

Оценка: 1

Half the time someone will beg you for money or try selling you sunglasses. Looks like a ghetto train station. Easily the worst in Lisbon.

Maryam Klidsar

Оценка: 5

Very organised and clean. The Rede Expressos busses have separate station. My trip was to Evora. I could find the station by asking a guide. Inside the station there is a snack bar,jogos, and a temporary second hand bookshop, and also there is a coffee shop too. The bus moved on time only 4 minutes delay. The driver was polite and drive carefully. The bus was clean only some dirty spots on the front window of the bus. The seats were comfortable and relatively new. The air conditioner and weather inside the bus was perfect. I arrived to Evora just on time. I'm totally satisfied with my trip with this company and I recommend that.