Train Station Marrakech

Marrakech Railway Station / station Marrakech

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
GPS: 31.629793 -8.019043



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Аbout Train Station Marrakech.


Оценка: 4

The building is great. It has a well-organized function which is easy for tourists. There’re only chain restaurants inside like McDonald’s so better to choose other outside if you want to have a good meal.

Ioana Mitu

Оценка: 5

Big up for ONCF train lines, good connections, cheap tickets. Tip:buy first class, the difference of price from second class is very small.

Phil Marrion

Оценка: 4

After its colonisation by the french and subsequent independence, large european influence is obviously prevalent.

Kreso Puljic

Оценка: 5

Clean and well organized train station!!

Brian Tucker

Оценка: 4

Beautiful architecture and plenty of places to eat and drink. The police have to literally hold back the animalistic taxi drivers who push and shove to get tourists into their cabs for exorbitant prices. The police should crack down on these greedy people and integrate Uber, which is safer and also provides local drivers jobs.5 stars when the taxi drivers are tamed.

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