Train Station Casablanca

L’Oasis / station Casablanca

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Rue Casablanca, Tanger, Morocco
GPS: 33.5546902 -7.6315199



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Аbout Train Station Casablanca.


Оценка: 4

Small station but with free wifi, if u are going to Marrakech then you will need to go across the other side to take the train

Fatima hejazi

Оценка: 3

It’s a small train station with only one poor cafe, the ticket machines are often out of order, a huge struggle to find transport when u get out cz taxi drivers feel free to choose where they want to take people

Brik Mounadi Transport LLC

Оценка: 4

Transfer to / from International Airport Casa Download the App ONCF for more information

Jaouad AMINE

Оценка: 4

just confirm the schedule, make sure the train is not late before picking your ticket

mingshan jiang

Оценка: 5

Having read some of the reviews, we were a bit apprehensive. However, our experience at the Oasis Station was very good. The station is small, but clean, with a reasonable number of seats in the waiting area and a cafe at one end of the hall. All staff, from the ticket office to platform attendants, were friendly and helpful. They made an extra effort to make sure that we got to the right platform and right train. The train arrived about two minutes late. Overall, compared with some previous reviewers' experience, it seems that great improvements have been made.

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