Train Station Zaragoza

Zaragoza-Delicias railway station / station Zaragoza

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Av. Navarra, 80, 50011 Zaragoza, Spain
GPS: 41.6586938 -0.911226



Train Station  Zaragoza Train Station  Zaragoza Train Station  Zaragoza


Аbout Train Station Zaragoza.

Paul Steane

Оценка: 5

Good train services, very interesting overall roof

l r

Оценка: 1

Nobody speaks English! And okay, it is not really a problem if they don't speak English because let's say that part of Spanish culture, but the thing is that they don't even want to help you if you don't speak Spanish. I got really frustrated because they just sent me from one to another without even trying to hear what I need. So, for the simple seat reservation for one train, it took me 45 minutes. I had to use Google translate to show them what I want. Really bad experience for the astonishing architecture of the building.

Michael Lee

Оценка: 3

Limited services for such a massive station. Beautiful building, however. Very easy connections to bus, taxi to everywhere.


Оценка: 1

A most inconvenient station. No signage at all to get around. Hardly any services available. Very empty and big distances to walk from arrival to departures, since the access points to arrival and departures at the same platform are situated on opposite ends of the station and no sign indicates that fact. If planning on returning your rental car here, allow at least one extra hour. Access roads very confusing. Also to note only one restaurant and is not really even decent.

Matthew Ulm

Оценка: 3

huge structure. huge open space. very clean. no AC, so if you arrive in the late afternoon in the summer it will be quite warm in the station. plenty to do to pass the time.

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