Train Station Málaga

Málaga María Zambrano railway station / station Málaga

Rating: 4.3
Аddress: s/n, 29002 Málaga, Spain
GPS: 36.7119472 -4.4319088



Train Station  Málaga Train Station  Málaga Train Station  Málaga


Аbout Train Station Málaga.

Fred Penney

Оценка: 4

As others have said, the staff generally speak Spanish only so if you need help and can’t speak Spanish you are out of luck. The building is modern and clean with a number of fast food options.

Georges Baekelmans

Оценка: 4

Easy to access by public transport and taxi, clean, well organised main station of Malaga with lots of shops and even a full supermarket.

Adam Chehouri

Оценка: 4

it includes a nice mall with a supermarket, cinema and multiple stores for shopping purposes. Pretty clean and punctual.

Alfie Clayton

Оценка: 4

Nice clean place in the middle of a shopping/entertainment center.

Péter I. Szabó

Оценка: 5

Well connected train station with both local and intercity and high speed trains.

Where is the Train Station Málaga located?