Train Station Girona

Girona / station Girona

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Plaça d’Espanya, s/n, 17002 Girona, Spain
GPS: 41.9793477 2.8169214



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Аbout Train Station Girona.

Spyros Karalis

Оценка: 5

Girona is a city with modern luxuries and historic and old buildings and architecture, narrow paved alleys, an castle wall that you can walk on and some towers that you can go to the top ( not so high tower). It has a magnificent Aura and as a bonus for the find of Game of Thrones, some scenes were shot in Girona.

Sarkaria Honey

Оценка: 5

From girona we can go Direct to Barcelona by train easily 😍

Mihhail Voronin

Оценка: 3

Very confusing place, regular train goes on top, speed trains leave from underground, bus station is also underground. Speed train entrance is in a separate building, also from there can get to the bus. Plan your trip carefully, have enough time to orient in this station

The Hass

Оценка: 5

Here on a cycling holiday through the Pyrenees. Have stopped for one night in Girona. From what I've seen today, a very nice place with an interesting old city centre. In fact lots of architectural styles. Would definitely come back here for a city break and to drive up into the surrounding hills.

Sabrina Paez-Parent

Оценка: 5

Clean and easy to navigate with trains that travel fast over long distances. Seats are comfortable and also have chargers between the seats for your phones.

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