Train Station Barcelona Sants

Barcelona-Sants / station Barcelona Sants

Rating: 3.6
Аddress: Plaça dels Països Catalans, 1, 7, 08014 Barcelona, Spain
GPS: 41.3789985 2.1399129



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Аbout Train Station Barcelona Sants.


Оценка: 5

Clean, modern and with many places to get something to eat or coffee. It’s also well organized and not too noise there is a free Seat sponsored waiting area with complimentary WiFi and outlets to charge your electronics. There is a security check with machines before boarding but it moves fast, not like the airport ones. Metro is accessible without leaving the station and it gets you anywhere in the city.

michael costante

Оценка: 5

Easy train station to navigate. Everything is well marked and the woman at the information booth was very helpful.


Оценка: 2

The Station is large thus crowded. I can understand and completly forgive that, however the thing that made me upset were the gates for the entrance to platforms, they require you to have a ticket to allow you to get on the platform and I only wanted to take pictures of High-speed trains, not even ride them and due to gate system I wasn't allowed to enter the platform. The information point was decent, the Renfe ticket machines were very slow and one of them had a system crash .

Harry He

Оценка: 1

Terrible experience. Bought the ticket at the ticket machine but didn’t even have enough time to board the train because of the lack of instructions and unhelpful directions. Unfriendly and indifferent staff who could not care less about helping us to exchange for the next train. Important advice: get there early and push your way through if necessary

Steve Zhang

Оценка: 1

The infor of the train is not clear, service is so bad.

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