Bus Station Barcelona Nord

Barcelona Nord / station Barcelona Nord

Rating: 3.4
Аddress: Carrer d'Alí Bei, 80, 08013 Barcelona, Spain
GPS: 41.3947292 2.1826047



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Аbout Bus Station Barcelona Nord.

Raymond Gunawan

Оценка: 4

Good bus station. Crowded at midnight for catching last bus. Restaurant and cafe should open till the station is closed, or at least one of many. Security is not real a concern if you are always aware of your surroundings.

Kate Bell

Оценка: 4

This is the main long distance bus station in Barcelona. There are some shops inside for snacks but if they're not sufficient, head up and out to the pedestrian road in front of the station where there's a supermarket, lots of quick eats, and more shop selection.

Jadiel Mendes

Оценка: 3

Great station near the city center. From there you can take buses to anywhere in Spain and some countries in Europe. The station is quite old, however it was clean and well organized. As a suggestion, I think in a place like that, with a huge flow of people all day long. Security is missing. Easily, if you are not careful, you may have your belongings stolen. From where I was, I could see some bad guys just waiting for an opportunity to steal.

Pranayamananda .

Оценка: 3

Needs some updates and renovations to keep up with current traveling demands. Having said that the service was good

E. Martina

Оценка: 1

Incredibly rude and incompetent staff. My girlfriend and I were called “retarded” by two women that worked there when we asked for help. The obviously thought we didn’t understand Spanish. After about 20 minutes of them trying and failing to refund us for our tickets due to a system error we eventually agreed to take a later bus. The told us to leave and come back later. When we returned she told us we had to pay an additional €25 on top of what we had already paid because “we should have done it earlier” even though we had already been there willing to swap the tickets earlier. The two then proceeded to make a bunch of racist comments about one of the cleaning staff. Clearly these two women hate their jobs and should reconsider taking a position dealing with the public if they are so bitter.

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