Train Station Badajoz

Badajoz / station Badajoz

Rating: 3.5
Аddress: 06007 Badajoz, Spain
GPS: 38.8906934 -6.981753



Train Station  Badajoz Train Station  Badajoz Train Station  Badajoz


Аbout Train Station Badajoz.

Nyta Duarte

Оценка: 5

Nice city

Rosanna Laura

Оценка: 5

Everybody was super helpful, although my Spanish is rather basic! Could get my reservation ticket with less than 5 minutes waiting

clara azkoitia

Оценка: 3

Kind people, toilets. Works going on but the train to Elvas is comfortable. Affordable price of 2EUR to be paid onboard.

Andi W

Оценка: 1

Horrible unfriendly staff (elderly lady). No even able to communicate in any other language then a local Spanish language. Not helpful in case of urgent matters. E.G. not waiting for the 15 min. late running train from Portugal to the train towards Spain due to cargo train from Spain. Group of tourists stranded. Aggressive security as always on RENFE stations! Avoid this station and all RENFE services from this station. Take the frequent and most comfortable bus!!!!

Jorge Arturo Venegas

Оценка: 4


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