Train Station Aeroport

Schiphol / station Aeroport

Rating: 4.2
Аddress: Schiphol Boulevard 1117, 1117 AA Schiphol, Netherlands
GPS: 52.309367 4.762242



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Аbout Train Station Aeroport.

M Li

Оценка: 4

It is a great airport! The only challenge for international travellers is the power outlet. Very bad that no phone charging facilities can be found at the airport. Spent lots of time but still could not find a place to charge my phone while in transit.

Oly Edwards

Оценка: 5

Staff are always friendly and helpful. I've travelled to Amsterdam many times, and never had an issue in Schiphol. Generally, the staff in UK airports could learn a lot from the staff here.

John Patrick Abrenica

Оценка: 4

Large airport. Nice places to eat. Still large.


Оценка: 5

This is probably one of the best airports in the world. There are tons of shops open even at 7am on Christmas Eve. Security is quick.

Eric Hanvey

Оценка: 1

Thanks for 2 hours queueing always good to get some practice in.

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