Train Station Lleida

Lleida Pirineus / station Lleida

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: Plaça de Berenguer IV, s/n, 25005 Lleida, Spain
GPS: 41.6208134 0.6328032



Train Station  Lleida Train Station  Lleida Train Station  Lleida


Аbout Train Station Lleida.

Claudia Dewi

Оценка: 4

The public toilet really clean. Really comfortable to use it


Оценка: 1

Only one person can speak English, and staffs don't know about Eurail pass even they are working in station. I kept wandering staion because all staff didn't know how to start the pass. One staff open my eurail pass without stamp lololol.... Eventheless, They didn't say sorry to me and throw change. Worst station I ever been. If you want to start Eurail pass, just go another staion.

Miguel Flavian

Оценка: 5

Small and lovely train station. When they renovated it they kept many nice original features of the building, enough to keep its charm but with modern comfort.

Mohamed Salem

Оценка: 3

Cool place

tadashi okae

Оценка: 4


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