Train Station Calella

Calella / station Calella

Rating: 4.1
Аddress: 08370 Calella, Barcelona, Spain
GPS: 41.614589 2.665716



Train Station  Calella Train Station  Calella Train Station  Calella Train Station  Calella


Аbout Train Station Calella.

Johannes Stenborg

Оценка: 5

Great town! Family friendly, nice, loads of stores and restaurants. Busy but not crowded and locals are very friendly. We will go back there for sure!

Maria Simonova

Оценка: 5

There are trains which go often to Barcelona and to the opposite side to Blanes.It's easy to watch the schedule in Google Maps.

Chris Vernon

Оценка: 3

Please read.. please watch your pockets. On Leaving Calella to come home. I was pushed and shoved getting on the train they do get quite busy. I was pushed as a distraction then someone stole my money out of my pocket. My friends man bag was tampered with also. Soon as I got a spot on the train , stood up I realised my money had gone. I remembered who shoved me , it was a two man and two women team. I watched them look everybody up and down. They probably didn't think I'd notice right away. The thing is you can't do anything about it. I m quite streetwise and can handle myself, it would of got nasty if I caught them in the act. The train services themselves are brilliant. You just have to have your belongings under lock and key in your bags. Please be careful...

Michael Georgeson

Оценка: 5

beautiful place amazing views and lovley friendly people

Sarah Evans

Оценка: 4

Found the train station very easily. Great connections to Barcelona