Train Station Blanes

Blanes / station Blanes

Rating: 3.5
Аddress: Passeig de Carles Faust, 17300 Blanes, Girona, Spain
GPS: 41.6734778 2.7691787



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Аbout Train Station Blanes.

Ian Melamud

Оценка: 1

The station is well outside of the town and requires to either take a bus (cash-only) or stroll down some dusty busy streets with no sidewalks for at least half an hour. The station has no facilities, save for a Renfe cashier (who provided me incorrect information) and a vending machine with the "snacks" even Alabamans would not touch. When leaving Blanes, once you get to the platform, there are no washrooms! The information about the trains is also non-existent nor they announce the platform from which the train will leave. FYI, the trains that originate from Blanes are on the rather obscure platform 4. With this attitude, Catalunya has a long way to go before it gets recognized by International society.

Andrei M

Оценка: 4

Nice place to rest waiting the train

Matthew Bates

Оценка: 1

Located a 30 minute hike out of the town. Bus is cash only. No ATM at the station or within less than a 20 minute walk of the station. Bus tickets cannot be purchased using card at the station either. No taxis present when we arrived at 1pm. The staff are rude. A poorly provisioned station for those used to living in the 21st century.

John Lindley

Оценка: 1

At an 8.15pm arrival to Blanes on Thursday 31st May we encountered the rudest and most obnoxious Renfe employee upon our return to Blanes. He sat behind his counter and studiously ignored the 10 people stuck behind the barriers trying to get out with malfunctioning machines for 10 minutes, including my family of 4. He then finally came out to deal with the problem. Told my son aggresively to shut up (who was crying as we were stuck beind the barriers). Told us the English were all stupid then finally examined our perfectly valid ticket and let us through. What an idiot.

Keith Williams

Оценка: 2

Although Blanes station is at the end of a single track line on route R1 from Barcelona, there are 5 platforms. This is not a problem when you arrive by train, at which time you will find a bus outside the station to take you to Blanes town, and another bus to take you to Lloret and Tossa. However, when you come back to the station, you will often find trains parked in platforms 1 & 2, with their doors locked; there is no information in the station to say which of those trains you should board; dozens of confused passengers are waiting for information, or for the train doors to open, when two minutes before scheduled departure time, suddenly another train arrives at platform 3 with "Barcelona" on the front. Nobody is sure if this is the correct train, but we all board it, to find that it is the correct one. RENFE must know months beforehand which platforms their trains will use. It is ridiculous that this information is not provided on every station!!!

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