Train Station Reus

Reus / bus station Reus

Rating: 4.4
Аddress: 43202 Reus, Tarragona, Spain
GPS: 41.1604858 1.1000716



Train Station   Reus Train Station   Reus Train Station   Reus


Аbout Train Station Reus.

Mark Auchincloss

Оценка: 4

The train Station is clean an tidy. The ticket desk personnel are friendly and helpful. It's funny that the nearest platform to the entrance/exit is Platform 2 for trains going to Barcelona. Platform 1 is for trains coming for Barcelona and is accessed via the pedestrian underpass. One of Station blocks was wrong too. Toilets are clean. Station is Covid-19 and mobility friendly/compliant.

Paul Link

Оценка: 5

Loved it.

Lex Quesada

Оценка: 3

Nothing really outstanding, service ok

Fáni Bácsi

Оценка: 4

The informaiton are good. But the platforms are confusing. The first platform is the second, after the second is a first than comming 3, 5 and 7... other number 4 and 6 are missing. i dont get it. but at least thay have a signal... :D funny station.

Janet Robertson

Оценка: 5

Charm and history, Reus was totally unexpected, it was a short 3 days before starting our ‘proper’ holiday at parc playa bara, we thought we would just use the days to travel elsewhere but we’re totally captivated by this charming place, to the extent we are thinking of living here, it’s absolutely steeped in history, stunning church’s stand open for praying or just gazing in awe at the statues and art work in even the smallest church. Reus itself seems to have a ‘square’ down every passageway and street where all the Spanish people gather to chat, eat, laugh and relax, not once did we hear a voice raised in anger or see a single drunk person, even though the cafés and bars were open from early morning till well after midnight, we sat out at 2:00am on the main square, small children played and still people were talking and laughing, such a marvellous atmosphere, we strolled back to our apartment passing lots of people just strolling in the hot night air, and the scents that came up from every street were so heady, I spent days trying to find what it was!! It’s incredibly clean, there’s free WIFI everywhere, buses every few minutes and cheap. The bus to the airport was just over 3 euros, we loved it so much we went back for our last day before flying home. Don’t just pass through, stay awhile, you’ll love it.